Builders & Construction Insurance

Builders & Construction Insurance



Contractors in particular need liability insurance to protect them in the event that they cause bodily injury or property damage through the course of their operations.  Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance protects contractors for lawsuits due to “bodily injury or property damage.”

In the past, limits of $500,000 or $1,000,000 were pretty common.  Today, limits in the dollar amount of $2 or $3 million are much more common.  In fact, many contractors are insuring to limits of $5 million or higher.  CGL protects the business, the owners, the shareholders and the employees when any of them are sued due to the operations of the business.

Along with liability insurance, your policy can cover your tools, equipment, stock that is being delivered and kept on the work site, etc.

Builders Risk

Buildings under construction can act like beacons for damage – whether it happens by natural causes or unlawful actions.  This can provide to be quite costly when you consider the build materials, fixtures and equipment that generally accompany a construction or renovation project.

Builder’s Risk insurance is specifically designed to indemnify against property loss to buildings and structures while they are under construction.  Builders Risk Insurance is available to the owner of the building as well as the general contractor constructing the building.

Builder’s Risk policies should generally be in force before the project begins and continue until the project’s completion.   Standard Builder’s Risk policies cover you for losses from fire, lightning, wind and vandalism during the course of the project.  Losses due to delays in construction are commonly excluded, but coverage can be purchased to endorse the policy in order to cover this.

There are also legal liabilities to consider.  During the project (and even after its completion) an owner, general contractor or even the subcontractors could be legally liable for bodily injury or property damage to a third party arising out of the construction of the building.


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