Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance

Changes to the Saskatchewan Condominium Corporations Act have made it essential that you, as a Condo Unit Owner, insure yourself properly with condo insurance.  Your Condo Corporation’s by-laws may allow them to assess you for a portion of repairs to the building in the event of a claim.  Assessments of $2,500 or $5,000 are not uncommon!

Dwellings can be an apartment style, townhouse style or bareland style structure. Most bareland condominium corporations require that you have condo insurance for your individual dwelling building. Please visit our Home Insurance page for further information.

Your apartment or townhouse condominium corporation will have an insurance policy that covers the building, property and common areas that are collectively owned by the unit owners – this is known as the “Master Policy”.  However, this policy does not cover your belongings, improvements you make to your unit or your personal liabilities.

Your condo unit owners’ policy can:

  • Protect your possessions
  • Provide coverage should your condo unit become damaged
  • Protect you if you are legally responsible for injury to someone else or for damage to their property.

We can guide you through the special coverages that you require as a condo owner regarding property, liability, and deductible assessments.  In order to cover yourself properly you will need to know the deductible of your corporations’ master insurance policy.

     How do you find the right Condo Insurance Coverage?

Call us today at (306) 934-1999 to talk about your policy options. Our team will outline your best options.
You get to decide what fits.

We’ve also have an online form you can use to get a no-obligation quote on your condo insurance.

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