Mortgage, Home & Fire Insurance Saskatoon

Mortgage, Home & Fire Insurance Saskatoon

As a home owner, you are looking to protect yourself, your family, your personal belongings, and your way of life from loss. Your home insurance can give you coverage for your personal belongings, your dwelling, and any additional living expenses – for a broad range of perils.

Do you have these Home Insurance questions?

Is home insurance the same as mortgage insurance?
Are my belongings in my garage covered?
Will my new home policy cover my contents too?
What is covered in tenant insurance?
What do I need to protect?
Am I protected for flooding or sewer backup?

Where can you start?

Call us today at (306) 934-1999 and we can help you uncover the right home insurance coverage for you. Our part is to answer these and other home insurance questions you have. Then we’ll pinpoint your options and ask significant questions to ensure you are getting the right coverage.

How do we start the home insurance process?

In order to find out what your home insurance needs are, we typically start by determining the Replacement Cost of your home. We calculate this using your home’s square footage, the year it was built, the type of flooring it has, the number of washrooms in it, and many other features that your home may have.

There are also various discounts that affect the premium, so we will look into which ones you may be entitled to. From there we’ll get quotes from several insurance companies in order to find you the best coverage for the best price.

Start a home insurance quote online.

If you’d like us to get started on finding a quote for you, click this online Homeowners Insurance Quote Questionnaire and provide a few more details about your home that we’ll need, as we mentioned above.

Looking for Tenant or Condo Owners Insurance?

Please click here for information on Tenant Insurance or Condo Insurance.

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