Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance is a product whereby a client can protect their business Accounts Receivables.  It insures the Accounts Receivables that are generally defined as short term and are not secured by other guarantees.

Trade credit insurance is a good way to protect your accounts receivable in case domestic or internationally based customers find themselves unable – or unwilling – to pay.

Your Accounts Receivable are a critical component of your balance sheet – they directly affect your cash flow and profitability.  Avoid catastrophic bad-debt losses with credit insurance.

Credit insurance enables you to:

  • Achieve higher incremental sales
  • Reduce the cost of managing Accounts Receivable
  • Reduce collection costs
  • Maintain investor confidence and share price
  • Improve cash flow and reduce borrowing reliance
  • Improved working capital by offering insured Accounts Receivable as collateral

Hoffmann Kool Insurance has contracts with several of the largest and most reputable companies providing Trade Credit Insurance.  To place your Trade Credit Insurance or to get competitive quotes, please contact Hoffmann Kool Insurance.

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