Water Damage Insurance

Water Damage Insurance

Water Damage is now the number one insurance risk in Canada. All homes have potential for water damage even if you are not in a low area, or live near a body of water.

In previous years, there wasn’t an option to have Surface Water, Flood or Ground Water covered. The only thing available was Sewer Back-Up Coverage.

There Are Four Main Types Of Water Damage

Surface Water

This is water on the surface of the ground such as heavy rainfall and rapid snow melt, where it doesn’t usually build up.


Is the rising of, breaking out, or overflow of any body of water, or water course whether natural or man-made.

Ground Water

Water in the soil beneath the surface of the ground.

Sewer Back Up

Water or sewage backs up, escapes or overflows from the sewer, sump or septic tank.

If water enters your dwelling through your sewer, septic tank or sump at the same time as surface water, flood or ground water you may not be covered for any damage if you only carry Sewer Back Up Coverage.

Not all homes will qualify for the full Water Protection Coverage, but we can have a look at your property and see what you are eligible for, and help you make the best insurance decisions.

NOTE: If losses happen due to pipe ruptures or dishwasher leaks this is considered Water Escape and you will have coverage for any resulting damage of the leak. Water Escape is separate from the water losses identified above.

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